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Typesetting errors, wrong letters, wrong fonts, misspellings etc.Details reduced in tone, to isolate a particular component in a photograph, eg. an engine of a motor vehicle.In offset lithography, the assembled composite of negatives or positives, ready for platemaking.In photography, film containing an image in which the dark and light values are the same as the original.To remove part of a mounted letterpress engraving to permit the insertion of type or other matter.In papermaking, a wire cylinder on papermaking machines that makes watermarks or wove or laid effects which can be seen by holding paper up to the light.Used to describe Old Style types such as Bembo, Caslon and Garamond.

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Negative used to make a black and white photoprint from a colour transparency.A process of binding similair to perfect binding - except using polyurathane glue making it much stronger.Used in the manufacture of better grades of business and book papers.Paper which when held to the light, shows a series of ribbed lines.Printing press attachment designed to remove static electricity from paper to avoid ink set-off and feed problems with the paper.Writing or printing paper where strength, durability and performance are required, used for business forms, letterheads, etc.

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Alteration Changes made to copy at any point after it has been set in type.

Alphabet of small capital letters available in most Roman typefaces approximately the size of the lower case letters.Stack of horizontal cast iron or steel rolls at the end of a paper making machine.Hue of a subtractive primary and one of the 4 colour process inks, reflects or transmits blue and green light and absorbs red light.Treatment of paper to resist the penetration of liquids or vapours.UnderColour Removal -In process multicolor printing, color separation films are reduced in neutral areas where all three colors overprint and the black film is increased an equivalent amount in these areas.The Ledge Lock Slot Adapter is the world's smallest, most revolutionary security cable lock adapter for MacBook Pro Retina. With a simple turn of a screw your MacBook.To turn over words from one line to the next for as long as is necessary after a deletion or insertion has been made.In rotary letterpress, a thin one-piece relief plate wrapped around the press cylinder like an offset plate.

Beating to mesh the pulp of fibres in papermaking so that the fibres produce the desired quality of paper.The original Ixion safety valve assembly ( left ) and my creation for.They are a simple brass turning and are retained by a 12BA cheese head.

epa-600/7-77-059 june 1977 procedures manual for electrostatic precipitator.Increasing or decreasing the amount of dots per given area to assist contrast.In photoengraving, the various stages of acid etching, the depth increasing after each bite.Hue of a subtractive primary and one of the 4-colour process inks.

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In saddle stitched work the printed sections are inserted one inside the other.Thin, strong, opaque paper (Bible Paper), usually made of rag, suitable for Bibles and other works which would be of excessive bulk if printed on thicker paper.

In platemaking, a vacuum device for holding copy and reproduction material in contact during exposure.In halftone photography, supplementary exposure to strengthen dots in the shadow areas of negatives.To print one side of a sheet of paper, with one plate, then turn the sheet over and print the other side with another plate using the same gripper and side lay.Develop great products faster with 3D printing solutions, free CAD models, and access to the world's largest community of engineers, designers and manufacturers.