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Like the iPhone 5, the SIM card slot is on the side. The iPhone 5C already adds a little bulk over the iPhone 5 — I don't. Unlike my iPhone 4S,.No matter how deeply you burrow into the iPhone software, no matter how far off track you find yourself, one push of the Home button takes you back to the beginning.A single light wipe on your clothes restores the screen to its right-out-of-the-box crystal sheen.Silencer Switch, Volume Keys Praise be to the gods of technology—this phone has a silencer switch.The Notification Center No matter what kind of notification pops up, you still see only one alert at a time.

In each case, if the screen is on, a corresponding volume graphic appears on the screen to show you where you are on the volume scale.We are checking to see if this voids your iPhone warranty. If you are concerned that it might, please don't perform this task. The iPhone's SIM card is located behind this door. 1. Locate the SIM Card Slot. The slot is located at the top of the iPhone, between the headphone jack and the power button. The paper clip is a valuable tech tool. 2. Open the Slot.

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Facebook and Twitter, for example, want that information only so that they can location-stamp your posts.Turn this off if you think your phone makes too many beeps and burbles as it is.

When this option is on, then if someone makes 10 incorrect guesses at your passcode, your iPhone erases itself.Control Center For such a tiny device, there are an awful lot of settings you can change— hundreds of them.What is a SIM card and what does it do?. You know, the little piece of plastic found in the metal pullout on the right side of your iPhone or cellular iPad?.

Tip In the list of apps under Location Services, tiny icons show you which apps are using GPS right now (the appears in purple), and which have used it in the past 24 hours.Tip The Home button is also part of the force quit sequence—a good troubleshooting technique when a particular program seems to be acting up.My iphone doesnt have the slot on the side how do i. cant see if sim comes out of little tray? My iphone 4 hasa prebuilt sim. Sprint iphone 4s no sim card slot.Apple has gone to a lot of effort to ensure that notifications disrupt your important phone activities as rarely as possible.Note Even when the phone is locked and the password unguessable, a tiny blue Emergency Call button still appears on the Unlock screen.See Force Quitting an App for details on this extraordinarily handy feature.

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To enter Airplane mode, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Control Center, and tap the icon.

For starters, you can use the iPhone as a watch—millions of people do.Swipe up on the camera ( ) icon to open the Camera app ( The Camera App ).But on the iPhone 5 and later, Apple replaced that inch-wide connector with a new, far smaller one it calls Lightning.This wikiHow teaches you how to turn on an iPhone without using. It plugs into the rectangular slot on the outward-facing side of the. 30-pin - iPhone 4S and.But when that day comes when you want to read in bed on your side with your head on the pillow, your iPhone will be ready. (Tap the button again to turn rotating back on.) Brightness.

Learn how to remove or transfer the SIM card in your iPhone or iPad. Find the SIM tray on the right side of your iPhone X. iPhone 4s; iPhone 4.At all other times, they adjust the volume of sound effects like the ringer, alarms, and Siri.This is visible when the Portrait Orientation Lock is enabled on your phone, as in the image below.You just use the tool to press inside the little hole on the side of the phone. I have an iPhone 4S and Verizon. The sim card slot is on the long side of.If you share the phone with a spouse or a child, for example, that special somebody can use up some of the fingerprint slots.It gives you a quick glance at your missed calls and texts—or the time and date.This feature is designed for people who have a capped data plan—a limited amount of Internet use per month—which is almost everybody.Simple guide of how to put a your Sim card into an iPhone. to the tray and push the tray in to the slot on the side of the iPhone. iPhone 4S - Can.

What does the lock icon on my iphone. Padlock with a circular arrow on iphone 4s, how to remove? Iphone lock. (for me popped up on iphone) a little lock with a.

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Now you can tap to turn Do Not Disturb on (white) or off (black).All of these features are described beginning on Bluetooth Car Systems.When Rotation Lock is turned on (white), the screen no longer rotates when you turn the phone 90 degrees.

What is the small hole on the right side of my iphone? What is the little hole next to the headphone jack on my toshiba. to the earphone hole on my iphone 4s?.iPhone 4 vs iPhone 4S. Vs Paul Briden 16:57,. even if it is a little on the small side. There’s no card slot for external storage on either.Charging the iPhone The iPhone has a built-in, rechargeable battery that fills up most of its interior.This setting prevents your screen from rotating when you physically rotate the device.For example, you might want missed calls to show up here but not missed text messages.

These days, different parts of the country—and even your street—are blanketed by cellular Internet signals of different speeds, types, and ages.Unless the charge is really low, you can use the iPhone while it charges.First, you can contact your phone carrier and ask to have international roaming turned on.It also happens in the Camera.) In those situations, Apple is trying to protect you from opening the Control Center accidentally—for example, when what you really wanted to do was scroll the image up.You may also see this little icon as you enter a bank, store, hospital, college, and so on.Steps for this last-ditch procedure are on Seven Ways to Reset the Phone.The iPhone 4 model has a tiny hole at the top of the device near the earphone jack to. of the phone on the left side;. of your voice and has little room.iPhone 6 review: The little things make it a. Apple moved the Sleep/Wake switch from the top of the iPhone to the right side,. from left to right: iPhone 4s,.This icon is awfully handy—it explains at a glance why your iPhone never seems to get calls anymore. VPN. You corporate stud, you.